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SellSafe provides a complete management system available in both hard copy and on-line, and includes procedures for self implementation and reproducible forms and reports for all steps from initial purchase, to hazard identification, final inspection and installation.

The SellSafe Management System is supported by practical hands-on training available to individual companies or to employees of participation businesses. SellSafe products include a range of safety decals, inspection status tags, and a Farm Machinery Safety Training Guide Workbook.

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Safe Shop Monitor provides employers with a simple way of creating and keeping basic records of how you respond to OHS legal requirements.

It is designed to enhance your management of OHS by enabling you to create electronic records of OHS compliance and to set reminders to perform important OHS compliance tasks.

According to State OHS Acts and Regulations, employers are generally required to provide a workplace that is without risk, to the extent that is reasonably practicable. Employees are required to use risk controls provided by their employer.

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Sportsafe Systems

Sportsafe Systems is suitable for Teams and for individual Competitors.


Sport Safe Motor Sport Team Risk/OHS Management System is suitable for professional national championship level motor sport teams, suppliers and other related motor sport activities where significant risk must be managed according to State, sanctioning or organizing body requirements.


Sport Safe Motor Sport Competitor OHS Checklist is available for amateur competitors with no paid employees and with low OHS risks and compliance requirements, where a comprehensive management system is not required.

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